Kingdom Work on a Social Level

Social Upliftment Services (SUS) was established in 2009 as a section 21 company with the backing of kerksondermure in Centurion. The view was to reach into and change the lives of people in our local communities. It was converted to a Non Profit Company (NPC) in 2014 in line with new legislation.

The memorandum of incorporation states that the company’s main objective is to “raise funds and utilise the funds to uplift and enhance socially disadvantaged people through social development and poverty relief”.

SUS is also registered as a Non Profit Organisation (NPO) with the Department of Social Development, and as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) with the SA Revenue Services (SARS).   

Our vision is to contribute holistically to the expansion of God’s Kingdom by means of sustainable social upliftment in our communities, with credible projects which we verify and continually support.  At the same time people are being spiritually renewed.

As custodians of finances for the Kingdom we do not just contribute money but also prayer, input networking and knowledge sharing across all the projects we support.

Contributing to SUS offers companies the opportunity to meet CSI (Corporate Social Investment)  requirements through accredited, tax deductible Article 18(A) projects, some of which are B-BBEE accredited.

Why we are involved

Social Upliftment Services (SUS) community projects empower people by imparting skills and knowledge which are both practical and underpinned by the spiritual growth of the people involved. All of the projects reach right into where local needs are and meet them at source – whether they reach the hungry, the poor, children, disabled, traumatised or underprivileged people. All are focused on giving those in need a new sense of self-worth while empowering them to achieve self-sustainability.

The projects represent a Kingdom vision put into action in local communities, with the focus on making an impact for God’s Kingdom. It is also faith in action. They aim to assist, uplift, support, and develop along Christian principles.  

The result of this is a greater sense of being able to develop local communities and their economies, making an impact on the country’s economy at large by creating jobs and stimulating local growth. 

Public Benefit Activities

Social Upliftment Services, since its inception, has spread its wings into many areas of society.

Our efforts are aimed at supplying food and providing shelter, uplifting and transferring skills to the needy, underprivileged and jobless people – and assisting with counselling services where needed. 

Vulnerable groups in the community and individuals in need are reached by the various projects and initiatives with volunteer participation, distributing food and basic life essentials.

Public Benefit Activities we are involved in:

  • Welfare and humanitarian
  • Healthcare
  • Education and development
  • Religion, belief or philosophy
  • Providing financial assistance and other resources to approved organisations carrying on public benefit activities