The Echo Youth Development alternative community care centre is based on the motto: “Don’t tell them Jesus loves them until you’re ready to love them too”. The teens and young people touched by this project range in age from 14 to 24, all lacking the necessary emotional and/or physical support systems.

Currently nine houses are functional where accommodation is available: in Villieria, Centurion, Melville and Table View – but Echo’s reach extends much further. Their holistic approach also touches on scholastic development and these teens, often also affected by drug-related problems, are challenged to reach out into their communities in turn.

The Echo Community runs a number of other community programmes. Echo Kids manage weekly programmes at primary schools with around 30 volunteers. These programmes address present-day problems like bullying and dangers of drug abuse. Youth camps and other events reach into the lives of more than just the needy – anyone who have been involved in a camp can attest to that.

The Echo office in Pretoria functions as a youth crisis centre providing counselling for both youth and parents in need and reaches out to struggling families.


  • To turn teens from youth in need to youth that lead.
  • To motivate these teens to reach out to others in turn, thus changing their view of the world and encouraging their growth into responsible adults.

Legal Status

Registered as a NPC.


  • Qualifies for Section 18 A tax deduction.
  • Registered as a PBO with SARS.
  • All SARS and Department of Social Development requirements are up to date.


Youngsters between the ages of 14 and 24 from all race groups.

Future Vision

Echo’s vision is to extend its work into more communities and to continue making an impact on young people’s lives.