Children, especially inner city children, are among the most vulnerable groups of our society. Pretoria Evangelism and Nurture (PEN) works in the inner city of Pretoria and its activities reach far and wide into many corners of the city. More than 3000 children are directly reached by the organisation’s programmes on a weekly basis.

Its wholeness programme aims at improving the life quality of people through spiritual and cognitive support, and the childrens’ programmes include both outreaches and regular care groups which meet weekly.

Selected inner city schools are visited regularly, where an impact is being made on both younger children and teenagers. Early childhood development is being done at two nursery schools. Another 17 struggling inner city pre-schools are assisted through the training of their staff and with resource development aimed at improving the quality of education at these institutions.

SUS supports some of the PEN projects and often helps out in times of crisis, such as when food parcels and basic essentials are needed for victims of trauma. Apart from helping people in times of crisis, and their ongoing outreach programmes, PEN is working towards self-sustainability through various business ventures.

• PEN focuses on the needs of children in the city, providing basic needs and enhancing their quality of life.
• The organisation is working at self-sustainability through various business

Legal Status
Registered as a NPC.

• Registered as a NPO with the Department of Social Development.
• Qualifies for Section 18 A tax deduction.
• Registered as a PBO with SARS.
• All SARS and Department of Social Development requirements are up to date.

Black children and people in the inner city.

Future Vision
To ignite change, nurture togetherness and heal communities and to continue expanding activities in these areas.