The Waterval Christian Centre Feeding the Nation Vegetable Tunnel Project started as a calling from God and has grown steadily. It involves the erection of vegetable tunnels and the growing of fresh produce in these tunnels, which are erected in townships and rural areas where poor people struggle to look after themselves. By means of the tunnels they are given the opportunity to cultivate and harvest their own vegetables. The focus is mostly on Community Centers, where the whole community is involved and where all the people from the area can benefit from the vegetable tunnels.

The understanding is not to hand food to people, therefore making them more dependent on others, but to help them to look after themselves. They are taught how to maintain the tunnels and how to cultivate the fresh produce therein. They can also sell the vegetables, thus true social upliftment can take place in these communities.

The communities have to take ownership of the projects – this ensures success stories where communities can feed their own children. At least six months is spent alongside the locals at each project.

The largest percentage of funds is received from CSI funding, and any community, (rural or in townships) who want to help itself, can apply for tunnels, provided that they meet certain criteria. This include the availability of water, security, enough space and a reasonable distance to ensure the aftercare visits and guidance of the communities. There are currently more than 1800 tunnels countrywide.

• To eradicate poverty by assisting communities to feed themselves through their own efforts.
• To be able to erect 500 tunnels every year – and train the local community to sustain them successfully.

Legal Status
Registered as a NPC.

• Qualifies for Section 18 A tax deduction.
• Registered as a PBO with SARS.
• All SARS and Department of Social Development requirements are up to date.

Mostly black disadvantaged communities in townships
and outlying rural areas.

Future Vision
To eradicate hunger – and see at least ten vegetable tunnels at every township community centre in the country.