CANSA TLC - Nicus Lodge

Cancer is devastating emotionally, physically and mentally. The illness takes its toll not just on the patient, but also on the immediate family.  The CANSA TLC project reaches out to children with cancer and their parents/caregivers.

Centurion Council for the Aged

The Centurion Council for the Aged is spreading its wings into areas touching not only older people, but other vulnerable groups. Not only in Centurion but also in Olievenhoutbosch, the projects are growing in number as different needs are being brought to the fore and the Council is stepping into the breach.

Echo Youth Development

The Echo Youth Development alternative community care centre is based on the motto: “don’t tell them Jesus loves them until you’re ready to love them too”. The teens and young people touched by this project range in age from 14 to 24, all lacking the necessary emotional and/or physical support systems.

Gideon Place of Safety

Operates a foster home for children in Lyttelton, Centurion. Children are placed in the facility by Social Welfare Services upon an order of the court.  Here they find a safe and homely environment where they can learn, live and develop.  When needed they are assisted through behaviour modification programmes.


Those without food are also without hope. Children who are hungry cannot learn and are at greater risk of disease – a proven fact.
The MannaSonderMure initiative brings hope and food to children at nine schools in Centurion – and also hot meals to other projects like Nicus Lodge, on a weekly basis  – reaching into lives affected by poverty and tragedy.

Olievenhoutbosch Christian School

Olievenhoutbosch Christian School and also the Trust Hope Faith Ministry, an aftercare centre run from the school, underpinned by its managing organisation Blue-O –, are reaching into the surrounding community and changing the lives of children.

PEN and the children of the inner city

Children, especially inner city children, are among the most vulnerable groups of our society.  Pretoria Evangelism and Nurture (PEN) works in the inner city of Pretoria and its activities reach far and wide into many corners of the city. More than 3000 children are directly reached by the organisation’s programmes on a weekly basis.


SUS, via the Network for Life Centre, renders social assistance through a team of social workers, lending assistance and support via the provision of vital resources in emergency and crisis situations, throughout the greater Centurion area.

Trust, Hope, Faith (THF) Youth Development Project

Trust, Hope, Faith not only refers to a project, but describes the essence of what the Trust Hope Faith Youth Development Project hopes to instil in the lives of the youth they encounter. Situated in Olievenhoutbosch informal settlement and attached to the Olievenhoutbosch Christian School, the project focuses on youth development. 


The Waterval Christian Centre Feeding the Nation Vegetable Tunnel Project started as a calling from God and has grown steadily. It involves the erection of vegetable tunnels and the growing of fresh produce in these tunnels, which are erected in townships and rural areas where poor people struggle to look after themselves.